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Our technical consultancy provides immediate assistance in solving problems on Galbiati machinery.

Guidelines for distributors

At Galbiati 1935 srl, we offer a wide variety of services to support you in the use and after-sales service of our products. We also offer free mandatory technical training on all products for you and your technicians.

Training and certification

When purchasing a Galbiati product, the distributor will be entitled to have their technicians participate, online and/or on site, in a comprehensive and specialized technical course on the product purchased.

At the end of the course, having passed a verification test, the technician will obtain the qualification of “authorized Galbiati technician,” thus being able to carry out interventions on our machinery without losing the warranty on spare parts or on the machinery itself.

The Galbiati authorized technician will then have access to the technical area at, where he or she can find video tutorials pertaining to repair, service, installation, data sheets and other useful information.

Methods of assistance

Technical assistance is provided exclusively to Galbiati authorized technicians via:

- Email (by sending the dedicated form with information such as defect found, make and model of the machinery and serial number),

- Video calls (by appointment with our technician), - Phone calls (in cases of extreme emergency).

Response time

Response is normally provided within 24 hours of the service request.


Types of Technical Support

Under warranty: once the product defect has been verified, the distributor will receive the part to be replaced under warranty. Note: In order to obtain parts under warranty, it is mandatory to send the defective part back to the parent company within 3 weeks of the defect being reported, in order to assess the actual problem found.

Out of warranty: once the defect in the spare part is identified, the distributor will receive the replacement part very quickly, ensuring efficient and timely service.

Marketing and Sales Support

Galbiati 1935 srl provides its customers with 360° support in communication, sales and marketing to promote our products:

– Online and on-site commercial courses,

– Marketing and communication support during fairs and events,

– Presence of product managers trained and up-to-date on all products in the range during shows, events and trade fairs, providing fundamental sales support.

Escalation Procedures

Filling out and emailing the warranty form indicating the problem or error encountered, the product and serial number will automatically activate the service department that will resolve the problem within 24 hours. If necessary, Galbiati also offers direct telephone support.


Within 24 hours.


Links to user manuals, technical manuals, and installation guides provide comprehensive technical support, including video tutorials for troubleshooting technical issues. All available in the technical area of exclusively for technicians/distributors who have purchased the machine and completed the technical course to become an "authorized Galbiati technician."

Terms and Conditions

The warranty on electromedical equipment is 24 months, on other products it is 12 months.

When you request a part under warranty, Galbiati1935 srl will ship it immediately.

It will be considered under warranty only by receiving the defective one within 30 days of reporting, otherwise they will be invoiced.

Technical department hours

9,00-13,00 14,00-18,00.
Tel. +39.02.49406151

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