Ortho Dental Unit

Scout Ortho Dental Unit

Scout Ortho Dental Unit:
precision in procedures, superior ergonomics, and advanced technology.

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Scout Ortho Dental Unit: the strengths

Optimal and personalized performance
high-quality orthodontic treatments and unparalleled comfort

Dental cart


The Scout "Ortho" dental unit model allows the doctor to always work in the desired position. The practical CART complete with all the instruments necessary for his specialization, is placed on wheels and is easily transported from one position to another with minimal effort

Scout ortho

Orthodontic dental unit: pliability

The Scout orthodontic dental unit is also available without a lamp and lamp pole, so that you can choose to install a ceiling operating light, greatly improving illumination on the patient.

Dental instrument arms

Silicone heart arms

Even when choosing the orthodontic model, the clinician will not give up the quality of Scout’s typical components: the side-lift chair with fast and quiet movement and the flexible and innovative silicone heart arms are also present in this model.

Scout Ortho Dental Unit

Scout Ortho Dental Unit: premium class

Galbiati’s research and development department has created SCOUT, the revolutionary, premium-class, all-Italian-designed dental unit featuring high performance and excellent ergonomics.

The SCOUT ORTHODONTICS UNIT was designed by GALBIATI MILANO as a solution with excellent ergonomics and maximum functionality. This solution is designed to maximally interact with the space, avoiding hindering activities and offering all the comfort needed.

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Scout Ortho Dental Unit: Distinctive Characteristics


Ceramic spittoon
Easily removable and inspectable

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Assistent tablet

Assistant board
Standard configuration 4 tools


Column water unit
The 180º rotation allows the unit to be used by both right-handed and left-handed doctors




  • Model: dental unit with vertical lifting system
  • Power supply: 100 v ac (US) 230 v ac (EU)
  • Frequency: 50 hz / 60 hz
  • Power: 650 va
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 kpa to 106 kpa
  • Water supply pressure: 0.6 mpa
  • Water hardness: 8.4 dh to 12 dh


  • Speed and power regulation system of rotating instruments
  • Reversing rotation of the micromotor
  • Micromotor torque adjustment (0-100%)
  • Control for instrument disinfection system
  • Integrated locking system (chair locked during operation of instruments)
  • Seat position adjustment with 4 settable memories
  • Disinfection system with 2 bottles (Solution with distilled water and disinfection)

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