Ozone Dentist Academy:
training on the use of medical ozone.

Ozone Dentist Academy: training courses for dentists at various levels: Basic, One to One and Master’s

Ozone Dentist Academy: training on the use of medical ozone.​

Ozone Dentist Academy: 
training courses for dentists on the use of medical ozone in dentistry

Learn how ozone can improve your dental practice with our courses

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Galbiati’s expertise on Ozone is linked to knowledge built through years of experience in the field in collaboration with the scientific partner society of oxygenozone therapy, with whom we develop new products and with them provide medical protocols for practitioners to follow for each therapy.

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Ozone training for dentists

With our know-how on ozone, its use, and its application in dentistry, we want to give high value-added training, thus solutions, available to professionals:
- To introduce a health/medical, innovative and safe solution to their practices.
-To maximize surgical outcomes
-To minimize surgical risks
-To differentiate and expand their fields of application.

Galbiati Academy: Training Courses for Dentists

Together with its opinion leaders, Galbiati trains and supports professionals with real and proven case studies for their respective fields of application. We offer training courses for dentists designed to address concrete challenges in the field.

In this sense, to give a tailored solution, Galbiati Academy is structured to provide different levels of training.

Level 1 – Basic Course – Online Webinar
Level 2 – One-to-one specialized training
Level 3 – Master Courses

Galbiati ozone course


Basic Courses are online webinars that provide the fundamental concepts for those who wish to fully integrate the properties of ozone therapy into their practice. The Basic Courses include the basic scientific principles, theory, and fundamental concepts of Oxygen-Ozone therapy. The courses include clinical applications.

One to one course


The Specialization Courses are One-to-One seminars with our leading Opinion Leaders who provide the operating procedures of medical ozone application, based on Scientific Protocols. Professionals will receive from our Opinion Leader the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Specialist Certificate to perform and practice ozone therapy in accordance with our scientific protocols.

Sioot scientific society


The Master's course is a highly specialized theoretical and practical course that provides physicians and graduates with specific expertise on pathologies, methodologies and technical procedures for the practice of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy. The master's course is developed in collaboration with Italian universities.

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Ozone in dentistry


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Ozone: history and applications in dentistry

Ozone has several applications in dentistry and can be used as a complementary or alternative therapy to conventional ones. Its main action is to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the treated area, accelerating the healing process and reducing the risk of infection.

One of the fields of application of ozone in dentistry is caries treatment.

Ozone can be used to eliminate the bacteria responsible for dental caries without damaging healthy tooth tissue.

This process can be used to both prevent treat caries and dental caries.

Ozone can also be used to treat gum disease such as periodontitis. Ozone is applied to inflamed gums, eliminating bacteria and reducing inflammation. This process helps reduce the risk of tooth loss and improves gum health.

Ozone can also be used in dental surgery, reducing the risk of infection and improving the healing process.

Ozone can be used to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and reduce the risk of postoperative infection.

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