H3O Black
Ozone water treatment machine for the dentist

H3O Black Ozone water treatment machine for the dentist

H3O Black ozone water treatment machine for the dentist, devices for water sanitization system using ozone

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Ozone water treatment machinery H3O Black: Ozone water sanitation system

Natural method based on the properties of oxygen

H3O BLACK is an ozone generator specially designed for dental office water sanitization.

Through the use of ozone, the water in the dental units and throughout the practice is totally purified and sterilized, eliminating anything that could make it harmful to humans. As a triatomic oxygen molecule, ozone, unlike other substances, has the peculiarity of converting back to oxygen in a short time without leaving chemical residues of any other nature.

This characteristic makes ozone the natural disinfectant agent for the latest requirements in sanitation and drinking water.

Active on all pathogenic microorganisms (such as Legionella and Escherichia Coli), ozone is particularly suitable in the process of water sanitization because it ensures, more than any other system, its real and total disinfection.

We provide innovative solutions to suit any need: we invite you to discover Prima,  our latest generation autoclave, designed specifically for contemporary dental practices.

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