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Ozone in Dental Clinic, Water and Air Sanitation: LINDA by GALBIATI

Ozone, a natural gas, consisting of three oxygen atoms, is characterized by a very high oxidizing capacity. It is unstable and once reacted with enviroment, it turns into pure oxygen. Production is a simple process: an electric charge in the presence of oxygen is enough to give rise to O3.
Increasing evidence is showing that SARSCov2 has the ability to circulate and remain in the air. The air quality of our environments, especially at the end of the working day, will inevitably be more than poor and we will have to think, also to a reciprocation between a patient and the other. That’s why today there have been devices for the sanitation of
environment based on OZONE. LINDA® new GALBIATI’s product can be used against the microbial contamination of both water and air.LINDA® disinfects spray instruments, clinic rooms, waiting rooms, ultrasonic cleaner, horizontal and vertical surfaces, including dental unit water bottles.


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