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Dental chair Galbiati Aria

Dental chair Galbiati Aria

A mix of ergonomics for dentist and assistant, top-quality materials, and ease of use

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riunito scout min

Lift system: suitable for those doing surgery, maximum ergonomics, super compact, top of the line

كرسي طب الأسنان الأمبيديكستروس من Scout

Flexible solution, for those who want to use a surgical chair or do not want to give up the pantograph chair of their dental unit

Scout Ortho Galbiati

Equipped with a CART on a stand, an ideal solution for orthodontists

Dental chair Galbiati Aria

The pantograph dental chair: unique design, quality materials, top of the range


What is a dental unit

A dental unit is a complete unit of equipment and instruments used by dentists during dental treatments. It consists of a comfortable patient chair and a number of devices, including lamps, screens, power tools and a suction system, which allow the dentist to perform treatments efficiently.

How do dental units work?

Dental units work by integrating several electronic and mechanical components. The chair can be adjusted to ensure patient comfort, while the suction system removes saliva and debris during treatments.

Electrical instruments, such as the turbine and cleaning and hygiene tools, are controlled through an easy-to-use control panel. The dental unit is designed to ensure proper lighting and visibility for the dentist during procedures.

How should the dental unit be positioned?

The dental unit is essential in dentistry, ensuring functionality and comfort during treatment sessions. It is important to position it so that it is easily accessible for the dentist and provides a high level of comfort for the patient.

The chair should be adjustable in height and tilt to ensure patient comfort during treatments. Instruments and equipment should be positioned so that they are easily accessible and usable by the dentist during procedures.

How are dental units cleaned?

Cleaning dental units is an essential practice to ensure the hygiene and safety of the instruments and equipment used. After each treatment, instruments are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized following specific safety protocols and guidelines. The surfaces of the dental unit are disinfected and sanitized to prevent the transmission of infection.

How to dispose of a dental unit?

Disposal of a dental unit must be done in accordance with the local regulations for medical waste management. Dental unit components that are considered waste must be disposed of safely and properly, following the guidelines and regulations provided by the relevant authorities.

What are the best dental units?

The best dental units are those that combine high performance, comfort for the patient and ease of use for the dentist. These dental units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, integrated disinfection systems, and high-quality materials. Choosing the best dental unit depends on the specific needs of the dental practice and the preferences of the dentist.

When was the first dental unit with a hydraulic pump chair built?

Il primo riunito dentale con poltrona a pompa idraulica fu costruito nel 1958. This technological innovation allowed dentists to easily adjust the height and tilt of the dental chair, improving patient comfort and convenience for the dentist during treatments.

How much does a dentist’s chair cost?

The cost of a dentist’s chair can vary depending on the make, model, and specific features. High-quality dental chairs can cost between several thousand euros up to tens of thousands of euros, depending on features, country of origin, and additional options.

How much does a dental unit weigh?

The weight of a dental unit depends on the specific model and integrated equipment. On average, a dental unit can weigh between 150 and 250 kg. However, it is important to consider that the weight may vary depending on the customizations and specifications required by the dentist.

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