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Dental chair Galbiati Aria

Dental chair Galbiati Aria

A mix of ergonomics for dentist and assistant, top-quality materials, and ease of use

Versatile models for every need:
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Dental unit:
wide selection, high-performance models

We offer a range of customized solutions to meet special needs: each of our Dental Unit, despite different variations, guarantees a superior level of quality and exceptional performances.

riunito scout min

Lift system: suitable for those doing surgery, maximum ergonomics, super compact, top of the line

كرسي طب الأسنان الأمبيديكستروس من Scout

Flexible solution, for those who want to use a surgical chair or do not want to give up the pantograph chair of their dental unit

Scout Ortho Galbiati

Equipped with a CART on a stand, an ideal solution for orthodontists

Dental chair Galbiati Aria

The pantograph dental chair: unique design, quality materials, top of the range

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Galbiati quality: reliability, innovation and performance at the service of your dental practice

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