Dental chair
Galbiati Aria

Galbiati Aria: the strengths of the dental chair.

A mix of ergonomics for dentist and assistant, top-quality materials, and ease of use

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Galbiati Aria: the strengths of the dental chair

The pantograph dental chair: unique design, quality materials, top of the range

Dental Chair water group rotation

Water Group Rotation

The Aria dental unit, thanks to the wide rotation of its spittoon block, allows the dentist and also the assistant to work in their preferred position, from either side of the chair.


Dental chair Materials of the highest quality

Materials of the highest quality

Galbiati has chosen the best of the available materials to build the ARIA dental unit.

Steel, fibre glass and ceramic characterize the incredible durability of this product.

The seat also has a steel frame and the upholstery is produced from selected materials of the highest quality.

Galbiati Aria, The pantograph chair for the dentist: unique design, quality of materials, top of the line

Dental chair ase of use

Ease of use

Both the dentist’s and assistant’s tablets use ‘soft touch‘ technology with a capacitive effect and are very intuitive and easy to use.

Very practical is the system of temporarily locking the functions in order to allow them to be sanitised without operating the controls.

Galbiati Aria chair

Galbiati Aria: The Pantograph Chair for the Dentist: Excellence and High Range in Dental Care

We offer state-of-the-art options to meet special needs: our Dental Unit ensures incomparable quality and outstanding performance.

Also explore Prima, our highly sophisticated Class B autoclave for dental offices.

Galbiati Aria: Distinctive Characteristics

Dental chair bowl

Ceramic cuspidor bowl

Easily removable and inspectable

Dental chair tablet

Assistant table

Standard with surgical suction and saliva suction

Optional steel syringe and curing light

Led lamp for dental chair

LED operating light

With yellow polymer light function


Technical specifications


  • Type: dental chair with pantograph system, backrest, motors for chair movement, foot control.

  • Supply voltage: 100 v ac (US) – 230 v ac (EU)

  • Rated frequency: 50 hz / 60 hz

  • Maximum power: 50 hz 650 va

  • Inlet air pressure: 0.5 mpa

  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 kpa to 106 kpa

  • Inlet water pressure: 0.6 mpa

  • Water hardness: 8.4 dh to 12 dh


  • Operational adjustment of speed and power of instruments

  • Reversing the operating speed of the micro motors

  • Speed limit adjustment of micro motors (0-100%)

  • Built-in safety system (chair locked during instrument operation)

  • Chair positions memories

  • Activation/deactivation of instrument cooling

  • Central suction system

  • Water supply system with 2 bottles (disinfection and distilled water)


  • Suction systems

  • Suction-saliva

  • Functions control panel medical tablet:

  • Instrument spray adjustment

  • Lighting instrument on/off

  • Reversing MM turns on/off

  • Limit setting via control panel or activation via foot pedal

  • Tumbler fill on/off

  • Water unit bowl rinse function

  • Seat movement control function

  • Scialytic lamps

  • Medical tablet type:

  • Top Mounted

  • With hanging cords

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